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After-school activities offer opportunities for kids to learn new skills, explore different areas of talent, deepen existing expertise, get support for areas they aren’t as strong in, make friends, and form relationships with supportive adults. Participation in structured after-school activities has also been linked to a number of positive outcomes. These activities do wonders for a child’s development. They’re linked to improving social skills, grades, overall coordination, sense of self and relationships with adults other than their parents. Activities of all kinds can also give kids a chance to be themselves, free of the structure they face at school.

The Program is to promote the love of learning through student engagement, innovative educational practices, and family and community partnership.The program aspires to meet its mission through a play-based program designed for children enrolled with the Draven Kids School.


  •  Flex your literary and learning skills
  •  Improve social skills.
  •  Explore and exercise
  •  Provide academic support (homework help).
  •  Make learning more fun.
  •  Age appropriate activities in confined
  •  Supervision.
  •  Build confidence.