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STEM Activities for Children: Tips for Homeschooling Parents

After years of research on STEM education for pre-schoolers and elementary students, we've got a lot to say about the importance of block play for young children as well as the importance of STEM mentors. In fact, our research shows that mentors (teachers, parents, grandparents....) aren't simply important—they're critical in helping children feel confident and capable in STEM.

Below are some tips that you can use when leading block play STEM activities for pre-schoolers and early elementary students.

1: Ask a lot of questions.

2: Take time to explore

3: Integrate stories as much as possible.

4: Show your work.

5: Be specific with encouragements and compliments.

6: Play collaborative games with the blocks whenever possible.

7: Respect the different ways children learn.

8: Learn to listen.

9: Avoid making assumptions about your child's creations.

10: Be flexible.